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Lighting technology

State-of-the-art lighting technology for theatres, stages, trade shows and musical events calls for the use of high-quality optical components such as lenses, prisms and concave mirrors. Moulded Optics can offer economical production of the required quantities.


Moulded Optics uses modern blank-moulding technology to produce the optical elements required for optoelectronic equipment and if desired can also organize the assembly of optical and electronic or mechanical parts.

Digital projection

Digital projection is becoming increasingly more popular all the time, and Moulded Optics uses blank-moulding technology to produce relay lenses, concave lenses and
aspheric lenses as well as integrator plates for applications in this area.

Traffic control/Runway lighting

Today, more and more traffic control and runway lighting systems feature non-glare prisms. Precision and durability are the factors that determine reliability and economy when it comes to in-pavement lights. Special prisms produced by Moulded Optics meet these requirements and of course comply with FAA specifications.

Advanced blank-moulding technology for the economical production of high-quality optical components.


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